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Nevertheless, it all depends on how it's done. I can tell you that you can spy on iPhone without installing software to your advantage – and for a useful purpose.

The agency identified Abramovich as the source of 96,, illegal robocalls. The laws governing robocalls are complex and sometimes contradictory, enforced by multiple agencies, and with layers of exceptions and loopholes. But the gist is simple enough: no calling cell phones, no using automated or prerecorded messages, and no using fake names or numbers.

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According to the FCC, Abramovich had broken all of these rules. Abramovich arrived at the Russell Senate Office Building looking bewildered, as you might expect of someone compelled by congressional subpoena. Health care, immigration, taxes, deficits—every debate, every topic and idea was us vs.

As soon as the hearing began, the senators pounced, clearly relishing the chance to lay into the stout man at the witness table. Abramovich, wearing a suit and glasses and with his hair pulled back into a neat man bun, looked trapped. Senator Richard Blumenthal kicked things off. Though Abramovich refused to talk about his own actions, he insisted that all of the vacation packages were on the up-and-up and that no consumers were misled. The FCC was only interested in the robocalling violations, not whether the trips themselves were scams. Besides, he was just the middleman, connecting American consumers to Mexican companies.

It went on like that: 45 minutes of US senators scolding the seemingly baffled kingpin of robocalling. I found Abramovich the same way he probably found the people he autodialed: through a public database listing his name, phone number, and home address. He lives in a posh Miami neighborhood in a gated oceanside community with the requisite pool, tennis courts, and security guards. The large stone-and-brick villas are organized around handsome courtyards with palm trees planted in the middle. I knocked on the door, unannounced. Abramovich answered in a tight Lacoste T-shirt and skinny distressed jeans, and I thrust my hand out before he could shut the door.

Abramovich has a thing for bad guys. His man cave, which doubles as a home office, is decorated with figurines, paintings, and memorabilia depicting infamous movie villains like Scarface, the mobsters from Goodfellas , and Freddy Krueger. A record collection lines one wall, and an inch TV is positioned in front of a set of plush black chairs and a black couch.

Beside the record collection is his desk. Here it was: the compact headquarters of an alleged robocall empire from which Abramovich was said to place millions of calls a day. Off-the-shelf software can run automatically, moving through lists of phone numbers and other personal data available for purchase. I was scared. I was really scared. Family members had stopped talking to him. The humiliating spotlight of national condemnation came as a shock to him.

He had immigrated to the US from Argentina—he still speaks with a thick accent—and over the past two decades, he has formed and led at least 12 corporations in Florida, according to the FCC, most of them dedicated to telemarketing and travel deals. For all those years, calling maybe billions of people, he had been hidden from consumer anger and opprobrium. The FCC ordeal was something entirely new and unpleasant. The worst part, he said, was being served the Senate subpoena.

His youngest daughter, barely a teenager, answered the door before his wife intervened. The neighbors came out to gawk.

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Abramovich told me that his lawyer had advised him not to talk to anyone, and he wavered as we spoke, alternating between brash defiance and victimhood. No matter what amount the settlement reached, though, he still felt wronged. Even with Abramovich out of the game, the number of robocalls continues to explode. And the netherworld of scammers keeps growing. Shady new kingpins are always popping up, eager to make their fortune. The FCC acknowledges that it is fighting a losing battle.

By the end of this year, according to First Orion, a maker of caller ID and call-blocking software, nearly half of all telephone traffic in the US will be spam calls. More than three years on, Garvin is still tracking robocalls. His methods now include fake credit card numbers, burner email addresses, even tricks for inducing a call center operator to text him from a personal number.

He still trawls the TripAdvisor forums for complaints. Listening to hours of dialog, he developed a knack for recognizing voices. He has a new idea: What if he could figure out the identities of those people and uncover the marketplace where robocallers find and hire voice actors? Could he nip a campaign in the bud? Better yet, what if, rather than ignoring robocalls, every American answered every call? If enough people pressed through to the call-center agents and toyed with them for hours, the enterprises would be deprived of sales and the robocallers driven into oblivion!

Even Garvin knows it.

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For the time being, he is content finding angry customers, getting as much information from them as he can, and forwarding it all to the FCC for follow-up and prosecution. Recently, he bought four phones for the exclusive purpose of receiving robocalls. They are still ringing. Alex W. This article appears in the April issue. Subscribe now.

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Topics Magazine Read More. By Louise Matsakis. Setup is a cinch. All you have to do is run the software! When the software is running, it immediately starts transmitting. If you want to see your new Android webcam server, just open up a browser and type in the IP address listed at the bottom of the setup page. To access from outside your home network, configure port forwarding on your router. As you can see, you have lots of options to view your Android webcam. One of the most advanced remote surveillance apps is RL Watcher.

This application lets you enable your phone to remotely sense movement, sound or even just the slightest motion of your phone. Each remote sensor can be individually enabled so that you can receive a notification any time each sensor is tripped. Notifications of any activity can be via SMS, e-mail or by phone.

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    This is probably one of the most flexible and feature-filled surveillance apps that can really help with any of your remote parenting needs. I turned it off and got better results. Lacklustre AI elements aside, the camera is brilliant, capturing a rich amount of detail, even with the telephoto lens, and in a range of lighting conditions. Low light performance was excellent too, as was the 8-megapixel selfie camera.

    Another new addition is a Bluetooth-enabled S Pen, which uses a supercapacitor to operate the S Pen away from the phone for up to 30 minutes or so. Slide the S Pen back into the body for a full charge in 40 seconds. Other than the usual scribbling on screen, you can now press the button to trigger actions on your phone, such as taking a picture in the camera app, pausing music or presenting the next slide in PowerPoint. Hold down the button and you can launch an app too. Intelligent scan, which combines face and iris recognition, works very well, but you still have to use your fingerprint for most apps.

    The screen is just about big enough to be a viable replacement for a 7in tablet, but you had better have big pockets. For comparison, the 6. If you need your phone to be able to do just about anything, the Note 9 is it. It has everything and the kitchen sink wrapped up into a massive powerhouse of a phone.


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    As you might expect that comes with a few compromises, the biggest of which is the sheer size of the thing making it quite difficult to pocket and handle. You can game for longer at maximum performance than other phones and even use it as a workable light desktop when hooked up to a monitor. Note fans should be happy.

    Pros: good battery, impressive screen, water resistant, brilliant camera, Bluetooth S Pen, microSD card slot, wireless charging, lasting performance, DeX without the dock, headphone jack. Cons: only Android 8. Google Pixel 2 XL review: the best big-screened Android experience yet. Huawei P20 Pro review — the three-camera iPhone killer. Huawei Mate 10 Pro review: say hello to two-day battery life. OnePlus 6 review: top-end smartphone for half cost of iPhone X. Honor 10 review: premium phone that punches above its price.

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