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Nevertheless, it all depends on how it's done. I can tell you that you can spy on iPhone without installing software to your advantage – and for a useful purpose.

If we could, we would definitely keep our children beside us and would never leave them alone. Unfortunately, it is not possible and there are days you would have to see them going to places independently. However, while we cannot be physically present at all times, we can definitely monitor their location. There may be times when your teen kids would want to contact you in situations of emergency or simply want to see where their parents are.

How to track numbers in iPhone

There are different circumstances that could call for being in touch or knowing where you are and this is when tracking apps come in handy. There are apps that will help you stay connected to your family. Let us take advantage of what technology has to provide us to oversee the safety of our children. Here is a list of top best child tracking apps.

ZoeMob lets a family be connected always. Moms, dads, and children can locate each other on the palm of their hands. Once downloaded, the app will tell you the location of your family members on a map. Besides, you can also manage events that are connected with your kids. You could also chat with your family as ZoeMob has its own messenger.

There is a panic button included which can be used in situations of emergency. ZoeMob can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone users. Download ZoeMob for Android. Download ZoeMob for iOS.

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This is one of the most helpful child tracking apps that lets you keep a track on your family members. It sends updates without any actions taken by user irrespective of whether or not the application is running.

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  • You can send a Stealth Ping that helps in updating the location of the remote device without the person knowing about it. The family tracker will continue to track and send details even if it is rebooted.

    Why do we need iPhone tracking apps?

    The phone can be tracked through the web and a sound can be forced even if the phone is on silent mode. It will work in any part of the world and texting is completely free even if you text from foreign destinations. All that needs to be done is install Family Tracker on the phone of the person you want to track and use the app or a browser to check their whereabouts. Download Family Tracker for Android. Download Family Tracker for iOS.

    Parents can see where their children have been. You can share your location with friends and family privately and automatically.

    Do you need an iPhone tracking app?

    All that is required is that you carry your phone with you. Footprints have a very simple and clear interface and share the location updates automatically, there are no manual functions required for the sharing. You can set up Geofences. A Geofence is a virtual fence or border which when crossed, you will get a notification. There are movement sensors that can be activated as your children are on the move.

    5 of the best package tracking apps for iOS

    Parental controls share locations all the time without being disabled. There are speeding notifications too and the parents get an alert every time the kids cross a certain speed limit.

    This is a mighty tracking app and is quite handy which every family should have. It is available for iPhone users. This is one of the best child tracking apps on the list. Apple Maps Free Pros Automatic night mode helps to focus even when it is dark Apple watch extension feature- the watch vibrates, when it is time to take a turn and so on. Lists step feature — displays steps in the route in one convenient step Assistance available from Siri — the best voice assistant Cons Errors and Inaccuracies in finding locations or routes 3.

    Easy to navigate app interface with a multi-device syncing option. Facilitates planning by showing multiple types of transport and route options between two points. Cons Limited to 17 cities outside of which the app is useless. MapQuest Free Pros Provides clear instructions for walking and driving. Offers Multi-segment routing. Features Built-in traffic information. Provides access to a different point of interests and places around you — restaurants, hotels etc. Cons Lacks public transport transit guidance. Presents issues with walking directions.

    Struggles to find the most direct route at times. Waze Free Pros Allows users to add friends and keep a track of their locations while traveling or to know when they are nearby. Facilitates google calendars and Facebook syncing to create stops on the way.

    TOP 10 Phone Tracker Apps to Track any Cell Phone in

    Maintains a strong user base and provides real-time and factual traffic updates. Loads faster as compared to its counterparts. Cons Often shows routes through residential areas when trying to dodge traffic.

    10 Best Package & Shipment Tracking Apps for iPhone and iPad

    Congested interface featuring confusing navigation i Cons. Drains the data and the battery of the device. CoPilot Free Pros Works on offline mode, eliminating the need for a Cons tant working internet connection. Provides pedestrian and cycling navigation. Has the option of providing traffic and navigation alerts.

    Cons Makes occasional navigational errors Traffic navigational service needs a subscription after one year 7. Navmii Free Pros Provides quick traffic updates via a community of drivers Has the option of real-time rerouting Supports offline maps and can function without a data connection. Excellent navigation mode supporting cycling and walking.

    Cons No support for satellite images Fails to differentiate the fastest or the shortest route Alerts for traffic, safety cameras, speed traps, and incidents. Thorough and detailed Points of Interest Database.

    The Best Real Time Location Tracking Apps For Android and iOS Devices

    Cons Faulty Pedestrian Mode. Point of Interest Database full of advertisements in a free version. GPS My City Free Pros Thorough GPS Walking Tours of cities that are easy to understand and follow Allows you to create your own customized tour by picking a type or destination Offers access to main local attractions like temples, museums, art galleries etc.

    Cons The low resolution of maps without turn by turn navigation on a free version Limited to only cities TrailLink Free Pros Curated for biking, cycling, and hiking featuring over fifty thousand hand-curated maps Allows you to save and share trail experiences and photographers Allows you to create customized guidebooks Cons Offline mode is not supported on a free version City Maps 2 Go Free Pros Features a vast collection of international maps, allowing you to navigate through most foreign locations Includes recommendations and tips on the best places around you, acting as a tourist guide Allows you to create your own travel itinerary and share your favorite locations online.