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Nevertheless, it all depends on how it's done. I can tell you that you can spy on iPhone without installing software to your advantage – and for a useful purpose.

Why this situation?

Your idea won't work.

Because a stealth phone needs not only special software, but also substantial hardware changes that make the software run properly. From technical explanations provided by the company representatives we understand that malfunction also come from the wrong choice of phone platform. We have to mention that the two phones Samsung G and G looks apparently identical, but have significant structural differences.

Photo 1. Have you ever wondered why some stealth phones are sold by private individuals? The answer is unequivocal and straightforward: on these phones is installed a cracked software, which not work properly, is unstable and is a fraud, in the end of the day. Also, these phones are not hardware modified in any way, which makes the software installed to be useless, giving only the appearance of a stealth phone, not the functionality of a real stealth phone.

Samsung S336C by Total Wireless

In fact, people who sell these fake stealth phones do not know anything about the phone function, nor about the ways in which mobile phones are wiretapped intercepted. They are limited to installing the cracked software on the phone and copying brief explanations and images from legitimate manufacturer webpage, trying to look more real, informed and professional. Also there is no product guarantee or eventual replacement or repair. The fake stealth phone bought by us got stuck after a few weeks of testing and we were lucky that we managed to make the film.

Repair or replacement was refused repeatedly by the vendor, and the website where we've bought has not taken any action against him. Vendor says he only sells phones, not repair nor replace them because it's just a private person and he do not provide additional information about the phone, for those who bought it. But when it comes to personal security and mobile communications, such an approach is totally wrong. For these reasons we had to buy another stealth phone, to be able to continue our study on mobile communications security.

This way we found XCel Technologies, a legitimate company that manufacture and sells these real stealth phones. Before buying the phone we have asked about operating conditions and repair or replacement in case of failure.

We received a prompt and professional customer service, every single time. This company replaces any defective mobile phone, the general warranty term is two years, common to any other mobile phone. Until now, however, was not the case for any fixes, the phone works perfectly and does the job, as you can see in the video. Customer service responses has helped us in our research on mobile communications security, through understanding the ways in which the mobile phone is monitored, tracked and wiretapped, the way it works IMSI catchers aka StingRays in US and possibility to detect them.

Our study results will be published soon on the Universi ty website.

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Our study conclusions promises to be extremely interesting. Other differences.

Besides that wiretapping alerts do not work at all, fake stealth phones differ from real ones not only from functional point of view but as legal aspects too. Fake stealth phones differ from real ones by the following aspects: For legal protection of hardware changes, on real stealth phones are applied security seals, on the inside of the phone. See Photo 2, below. Photo 2: security seals. Real stealth phones have engraved the manufacturer logo see Photo 3 , because they can not be legally sold as original Samsung phones, since hardware and software changes that has been done are beyond the control of Samsung Electronics Co.

From this point of view XCell Technologies comply with local law and international copyright law, without any export restriction of their products. Legitimate manufacturer sell stealth phones that are Samsung modded cell phones. Photo 3. Photo 4. Another visible difference: fake stealth phones are using shoddy packaging, a ridiculous copy of the original packaging, as can be seen in the Photo 4. We've got information from other fake stealth phone users that some vendors sell these handsets even in paper envelopes or wrapped in bubble foil without any other packaging.

The packaging used by the legitimate manufacturer is a quality one, unique and distinctive. What else a scammer or fake stealth phone vendor will use to make you think that is selling a genuine stealth phone?

Consent Form | Popular Science

Well, some of them are trying to use some counterfeit IMEI stickers on the phone backside, trying to give a genuine appearance to their fake stealth phones. Sure, a sticker will not make a fake stealth phone, genuine. In fact not the sticker is important in our opinion, but the phone functions.

And fake stealth phone functions does not work at all, as we have clearly demonstrated in the test above.

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Others will try to lure you with attractive and suspiciously low prices. This phone number generally does not have the ability to access any information other than what you choose to allow it to access. Even if you choose to connect your phone app to a third party app such as Dropbox, Slack, or Evernote, your personal information still remains completely secure and private.

Connecting to a third party app may allow you to automatically archive and texts and pictures that would otherwise get wiped out as soon as you delete your temporary number. Your personal data and information are generally safe and protected in many cases not even logged at all. Nobody will be able to access your personal phone number nor will any other information stored on your device be revealed. There are no contracts that come with burner phones, so you can choose to use a temporary phone number for as little or as long as you need.

Temporary phone numbers are also disposable, so not only is your personal information untraceable but so is the temporary phone number after you are finished using it. This means that you have the freedom to choose your own pricing based on your personal needs. You get exactly what you pay for. Nothing more, nothing less.

Cell phone carriers have the ability to collect user data and information which they use for their own benefit. Burner phones, on the other hand, do not have this ability, therefore your data remains safe.

I Used A Burner Phone For 24 Hours

Unlike carriers, they have no interest in collecting your data for any reason whatsoever. And even in cases where metadata might be collected read the services TOS for particulars , this data is not usually tied to you or your name. Or planning a bank robbery?

Now's Probably the Time to Consider One of These Burner Phones

Or trying to hide any other illegal activity? Well, there are tons of completely legal reasons why burner phones are extremely useful! How many times have you given out your phone number to someone you just met and, as it turns out that they are creepy, or annoying, or both. It is required by law that every phone has the ability to call in an emergency, even if that phone is not connected to a carrier. So, just by having access to one of these phones, you will still be able to call for help whether or not your phone has minutes.

Eventually, we all run into situations where our phone is dead, our charger is broken, or we just blew out a tire by running over that pothole that never seems to be fixed. At 3 in the morning. Those spam texts can get annoying, and fast. A temporary number is the perfect solution in order to combat the barrage of unwanted solicitations, call, and text messages. Furthermore, it blocks your other apps from collecting that data and using it against you by trying to sell you something.

For example, Facebook ads. Temporary numbers can help to keep your business life separate from your personal one. Especially for contracted work or a job that only lasts for so long, a burner phone with a temporary number will keep your main phone uncluttered and organized. And because our personal phone numbers are attached to almost every app and social media platform, a disposable phone number eliminates any chance of them finding out more information than you expected them to. When it comes down to it, if it involves the internet, never give out your personal and permanent information.